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Propeller Shaft Ass'y

Product Specification

As the drive axis of the powertrain system, the propeller shaft is assembled in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles. As the torque delivery axis that delivers the torque from the engine to the rear axle after converting through the transmission, the part reduces vehicle vibrations and noise and is classified as a functional component.

Product Characteristics

Propeller shafts is a part that delivers reduced torque by passing through transmission from the engine, to the final speed reducing part (axle) and are largely categorized into rear axle shafts, front axle shafts that bypass the T/C and shafts that deliver power between axles. Particularly, propeller shafts are parts performing strong torsion and high-speed rotations and are closely related to the vehicle NVH. Consequently, in order to continuously maintain static and dynamic equilibrium while driving, designs that consider for vibrations and durability are required and flawless quality management is required for each production process.

Applied Models

Passenger / SUV / BUS / TRUCK / Military Vehicles

Hollow Shaft

Product Specification

As a component of the drive shaft which delivers engine drive force to the wheels, this component is the main shaft that delivers driving force.

Product Characteristics

Hollow shaft production applying friction welding technique has the advantage of reduced weight, increased strength, and reduced booming noise. As for production method, one side of the material is fixed and the other side is rotated at high speed. Once a certain amount of friction heat is generated, the rotating is suddenly stopped, in turn generating pressure welding at high power. This process allows for products with superior bond strength, welding precision and productivity.

End Yoke

Applied Models


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